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When Venus, the Goddess of Love gallops into the Sign of Aries on Friday February 20th at 3:05 PM EST - get ready for a few spontaneous fun filled adventures. Love will be like riding a roller coaster with thrills a minute, you'll never know what's around the next corner. This wide eyed "Forever Young" spirit of playful love will keep you and your beloved on a pedestal. You won't mistake love under the influence of this fiery emotional and passionate fire will grab your attention. The focus will be laser sharp...and expect to do a few firsts. When it comes to Affairs of the Heart get ready for assertive expressions of love and they will be anything but boring or dull. Aries like to keep things fresh, alive and exciting. In Aries you'll have no qualms about pursuing the object of your affection. The Goddess likes to win, mis- stated, the Goddess must win, so expect to win a few hearts and expect that yours will be won
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The moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days and cycles through your birth chart. Below are listed the dates and time that the moon changes signs. A short description follows after of what it "feels like" when the moon is in that sign. Follow your moon (your feelings) and go with the energy of the day to gain an advantage. Go with the flow - follow the moon. All Times Eastern Current Zone Feb 20, 2015 6:12 P Moon enters Aries You will want to 'Blaze a Path' to wherever you need to go. Emotionally impulsive. You are Ready. Get on your mark, Go. Oh wait....You forgot to get set. Sudden Flare-Ups and Fireworks are all around. You might have to dodge a few bullets. Some might be your own. You'll be in an Independent, "Do it Yourself" mode. Full Steam Ahead. The Red Planet is all about Assertion, Anger & Attitude & he's looking out for Number One. Feb 22, 2015 7:28 P Moon enters Taurus You will be seeking security & the familiar
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The SUN is where you were meant to SHINE. You can't help but be your SUN. It is your dominate psychological nature. It is the wind beneath your wings. ARIES = I WANT TAURUS = I HAVE GEMINI = I THINK CANCER = I WITHDRAW LEO = I CREATE VIRGO = I EXAMINE LIBRA = I WEIGH SCORPIO = I PROBE SAGITTARIUS = I BELIEVE CAPRICORN = I COMPLETE AQUARIUS = I KNOW PISCES = I SENSE
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Astrology is an Ancient Art and Science. An Astrology (Natal) Chart when calculated for the exact date, time, a location of your birth can be a valuable tool of self discovery. It offers you insight into your inner and outer worlds and can be used to guide you on a personal journey through time and space putting you on your path to becoming the best version of yourself. "Struggling ceases when you let go of the need to be something that you are not"
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