The moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days and cycles through your birth chart. Below are listed the dates and time that the moon changes signs. A short description follows after of what it "feels like"  when the moon is in that sign. Follow your moon (your feelings) and go with the energy of the day to gain an advantage. Go with the flow - follow the moon.


All Times Eastern Current Zone

Feb 20, 2015  6:12 P

Moon enters Aries


You will want to ‘Blaze a Path’ to wherever you need to go. Emotionally impulsive. You are Ready. Get on your mark, Go. Oh wait….You forgot to get set. Sudden Flare-Ups and Fireworks are all around. You might have to dodge a few bullets. Some might be your own. You’ll be in an Independent, “Do it Yourself” mode. Full Steam Ahead. The Red Planet is all about Assertion, Anger & Attitude & he’s looking out for Number One.


Feb 22, 2015  7:28 P

Moon enters Taurus

You will be seeking security & the familiar.  Wanting those things that  give you comfort & protection. Soothing. Wrap yourself in a Security Blanket, your own particular designer brand.” Enjoy dining out by indulging in gourmet cuisine or feel the comfort of Mom’s *Homemade Chicken Soup. You are a creature of comfort & love the “path of least or even no resistance.” Slip into something comfortable. & enjoy a touch of luxury.



Feb 24, 2015   11:53 P

Moon enters Gemini


You will be “here, there and everywhere,” seeking & gathering facts for fun and social events which are filled with charm. Keeping in Touch is the name of the game. You will waver back and forth, not wanting to get pinned down. Quick changes and an even quicker Wit saves your day and spares your boredom. You’ll want to Keep Moving.  Grass is Greener. Changeable.


Feb 27, 2015  6:49 P

Moon enters Cancer


You will be taking a sentimental journey – Seeking Home because that is where your Heart is. You’ll be very sensitive and want the quiet, soothing, calm and comfort of your nest; far away from the maddening crowd. Grab that box of old photos and enjoy the stroll down memory lane. Call your loved ones. Light the scented candles and play whatever tunes lull your soul.  Secret Seclusion & Guilty Pleasures.


Mar 1, 2015  6:34 P

Moon enters Leo

You’ll be ready for Passionate and Creative Works. Take Center Stage. Lights, Action,  Camera. Step up and claim your Oscar.  Give your acceptance speech and take your bow. Its your spotlight dance. The Sun is shining on YOU. Listen to the applause and cheers in the theatre and in the sports arenas.  The Soul craves Attention. High Drama & Passion.


Mar 4, 2015  6:57 A

Full Moon  Mar 5, 2015 1:05

Moon enters Virgo

You will be wanting to fix, organize and put everything in its proper place. Everything & Everybody that is:  including yourself. Uh Oh!!! ………Making appointments and setting schedules. Start new diets or health and fitness regimes. You’ll be your own personal ‘efficiency expert.’ Picking yourself and everything else apart. Go EZ…….Perfection is not Possible. Being a better version of your previous self is, however, always within your immediate grasp.


Mar 6, 2015  7:52 P

Moon enters Libra

You will get all caught up in the ‘Balance and Harmony Game.’ Two, very different sides of the same coin. Hmmmm…………..talk about a tightrope/high wire act.  People pleasing comes easy, but not without a price. While constantly weighing the facts, it is virtually impossible to keep things perfectly balanced and harmonious. The Scales keep tipping. One way…….then the other. Passive Aggressive behavior fills the air and Political Correctness is served on every street corner.



Mar 9, 2015  9:09 A 

Moon enters Scorpio


You will be rolling in the deep, obsessing, absorbing, researching, soul searching and Detoxing. You may take things too personally and your sense of humor may take a couple of vacation days. It is as if someone turns the lights off and everything is dark and dreary. Hard to shake the seriousness in the air. Depression hangs over your head as you have to look after the tough stuff in Life. Extremes and the Inevitable. Beginnings and Endings. Dealing with the Necessary.


Mar 11, 2015  7:30 P

Moon enters Sagittarius


You will be all about More. The More……the Merrier.  Seeking knowledge and adventure. You’ll seek foreign territory, distant shores & launch lofty plans. You’ll be attached to your beliefs and stand by them. You are ready to travel physically, mentally or spiritually where “no one man has gone before.” Your sights are set; you have faith, hope and pixie dust in your pocket and you are wearing your rose colored glasses.  You are ready for All New Stuff. Oh Yeah ……don’t forget your four leaf clover & lucky ladybug as well.


Mar 14, 2015  2:39 A

Moon enters Capricorn


You will be all business; Keeping and Making the rules. Taking charge, a consistent and dedicated effort. Reserved and Cautious. Hard working & ambitious. You are concerned with finances. Calculating. You’re Balancing your check book and paying the bills. You are taking care of business, you’ll have fun another day. The old taskmaster, school teacher is on your right shoulder and your internal critic is on your left. Work….. Work….. Work. Time to get the job done.


Mar 16, 2015  6:13 A

Moon enters Aquarius


You will be ready to break your routine, do something different. Let your Inner ‘rebel with or with out a cause’ come out to play. You’ll be friendly to all. Group activities with a social consciousness or socializing with friends is the right way to go. Meaningful and brilliantly inspired emoting is in the air. Out of the Blue and Spontaneous. Its a Wild Card. Oh………and you just might be a little short on Patience. And………you won’t want to be tied down or told what to do.


Mar 18, 2015  6:57 A

Moon enter Pisces 


You will want to “get away from it all,” OR “rise above it all.” So choose your escape vehicle with care. You’ll soak in energy like a sponge, so be careful – draw in the positives & filter out the negatives. Vivid imagination and divinely inspired creativity is the way to go.  Watch out; “popping the cork and throwing a pity party” is an easy fall-back position.  Invite the Pink Goddess in, embrace her romantic and daydream-like qualities. Pisces loves the Nostalgic, everything looks great in a “pink” light. Enjoy it while it lasts.







Patience  & Consideration for Other's. Selflessness.



To Let Go of the Past  &  the Courage to Change.



To Make Emotional Commitments  &  Decisions.



To Become Independent  &  Grown - Up.



Modesty, Tolerance &  To take Criticism.



Spontaneity, Tolerance  &  Magnanimity.



Willingness to Engage in Conflict  & Decisiveness.



Not to Destroy &  Push Away



Learn to Cut Losses & to Depend on Others'



Showing Feelings  &  Expressing Needs.



To Adapt & to Get  Emotionally Involved.



To Cut the Umbilical Cord  & Establish Boundaries.





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