Venus in Aries


FEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 17, 2015

When Venus, the Goddess of Love gallops into the Sign of Aries on Friday February 20th at 3:05 PM  EST – get ready for a few spontaneous fun filled adventures. Love will be like riding a roller coaster with thrills a minute, you’ll never know what’s around the next corner. This wide eyed “Forever Young” spirit of playful love will keep you and your beloved on a pedestal. You won’t mistake love under the influence of this fiery emotional and passionate fire sign….it will grab your attention. The focus will be laser sharp…and expect to do a few firsts.

In Aries, Venus makes her attentions clear and concise. She is playing for keeps. Aries love has the signature of a knight in shinning armor riding in to save the damsel in distress, written all over it. When the Goddess of Love, Luxury and all things you Value dons the Warrior Armor. Its all about the conquest. Aries loves saves the day when all else fails, it lifts you up, right back up – like none other could.

When it comes to Affairs of the Heart get ready for assertive expressions of love and they will be anything but boring or dull. Aries like to keep things fresh, alive and exciting. In Aries you’ll have no qualms about pursuing the object of your affection. The Goddess likes to win, mis- stated, the Goddess must win, so expect to win a few hearts and expect that yours will be won. Love, is the coveted prize that Venus in Aries is forever seeking with passion and romance.


Venus enters Aries on Feb 20th and leaves a few weeks later on the March 17th. To up the ante The goddess has a dinner date with Mars who is in Aries’ until the 31st of March.  Venus and Mars  = Love in Action. These two have not been this close since September 11, 2008….and you are more than ready for some lovin’ and luxury. Just those words alone should tell you a lot. In General, Love and the things you love get a whole lot closer ‘this year’ by having a rare three occurrence of the conjunction in one year. Circle these dates and a few days either side. Feb 21, August 31 and Nov 2. The dynamic duo kicks off in the sign of the Ram. These two are on a mission. At Summer’s end the two will  “Show and Tell’ in a dramatic – almost theatrical production. Come November Love, will be solid as a rock and here to stay. You have a love you can depend on, you are ready to settle down, you’re laying down a solid foundation. That is the agenda of Mars and Venus and all the things they rule in your chart.


JAN 27 - FEB 20, 2015
Venus, the Goddess of Love Luxury and "All Things We Find of Value" - drifts into ethereal Pisces on January 27, 2015 at 10 AM on the east coast. Boundaries dissolve and your heart opens. Full of compassion and understanding with hardly a discerning word uttered. As always this is a Blessing and a Curse. Peace Love and Harmony fills the air and you'll be walking on your own designer cloud. However,  your lack of good judgment just might get you in some undesirable tangles. Beware your heart is soft. 
Use the counsel of a good friend, one, who is blessed with a bit more earthly common sense, to ground you in these times of question. 
Until February 20, 2015 Music is your mode of communicating.  The poetry of your soul surfaces and you know how to compose the notes in your life in such a creatively organized fashion that it rivals any symphony or written concerto. Patterns of Pure Art in Motion. So - if you don't think you have any music in your heart and soul: Think Again! It comes in many different forms. It is "that" which you can so effortlessly and beautifully arrange into a work of pure art, that is your music. Play it. 
If you are looking for love you'll be able to spot it in the self-less acts that happen day in and day out in countless number of ways. You'll have a hard time grasping her, she is not something you can hang onto. She is not material, very hard to define. She is as simple as a tender smile from a pass-by. You can't hold her, she caresses you and ignites your passions. She know know limits and nothing is too much. 
She is Warm and Giving. Heavenly. And where ever Pisces is in your chart is where the magic happens. Borders and boundaries blur under Venus in Pisces. The Goddess is a Philanthropic and Charitable. She's ready to avenge poverty and suffering. She is Love, She is Beauty, Poetry, Music, and Art. She takes you to new heights. She can get lost in ideal love and deluded.
Best way to navigate this transit is to have a strong sense of what it is that you want. Surround your self with loved ones, keep yourself safe. Love, Money, objects d'art, and gifts come 'out of thin air'. Careful of the Shadow side don't allow yourself to be victimized or deluded. She can get lost in idealized love stories. Keep it real. Don't fall for sob stories either... 



JAN 3 - JAN 27 , 2015


What makes you Different? How do you stand out from the maddening crowd? 'Venus-in-Aquarius' is how we stand out. It is 'how' we are different. 

Oh .........the Lady can turn a few heads while she is in the Avant-Garde sign of the Water Bearer. She has that *out there * look. She'll have the most conservative among you letting their hair down and turning loose. Your friends and relatives will wonder what the heck got into you. Eccentric ............Idiosyncratic ............... will appropriately describe the new page in your love life....

The 'Ordinary' can be scratched off of your 'How You Love' and the 'Thing You Do For Love' lists. Trying to neatly define your love life or explain just exactly why you want to suddenly buy that exotic piece of artwork will not be an easy task. You've loved traditional period pieces of furniture and now its all being put out to the curb; replaced by acrylic and lucite retro-look furnishings in exotic shades of blue and green.

And .........you won't even know why.  It is here where Venus asks you to boldly go *outside of your normal boundaries.* You just might find yourself enjoying all the contradictions, challenges and mind-boggling twists and turns that an alternative, unconventional 'love lifestyle' presents and permits.

The typically detached Aquarian value will be affixed to love, luxury and money. Love is not like the passion of Scorpio. However the instant "love at first sight" like a shot out of the blue happens when the icy blue energy of Uranus mixes with Venus. Maybe its the fact that while Venus is in Aquarius, she is at her "least judgmental." It is there where we give love a chance. We are sporting our rose-colored glasses and see the Best that Love has to offer.

Look where Aquarius is in your chart. This is where the new stuff lives ......full of surprises and the unconventional. This is where we find Love when we least expect it or seek it out. It finds us. This lady simply does not attach too much (excuse me) value on what other people think when it comes to love. She is not held back by hang-ups. On the 3rd and 4th of Jan, when she drifts into the Detached Emoting mode; she starts off giving the aura of being grounded and responsible.She is solid and stable, giving you the time to catch your balance and gain your footing. 


Venus will be in Aquarius until the 27th of January, so love will be anything but *normal* under the influence of this 'out of this world' cerebral entity. This is the "fall in love at first sight" aspect - Don't ask questions. You'll be having fun. Your hair will be flowing in the breeze and you'll have that feeling of floating on air. This Lady makes a Sextile on Jan 13th at twelve degrees Aries-to-Uranus and conjuncts with Mercury. Sweeeeeeeet.

On the 14th, she makes a trine to the north node in Libra at thirteen degrees and sextile to the South. This allows you to easily make that switch to let go of the past and open yourself up to the opportunities of tomorrow. On Jan 19th, she is opposite Jupiter Rx at nineteen degrees Leo.  Now  --------  this is the 'OVER-the-Moon' aspect. For sure you will get carried away with something. Be mindful that *Moderation* must be the word on the street. Self-indulgence and over-doing are real threats to your Health and Welfare. Heed the warnings on the label  "Do Not operate heavy machinery while under the influence."





Your *ROCK*

DEC 10, 2014  -  JAN 3, 2015

Capricorn, aka the Mountain Goat is all about making it to the top, it's your Rock, that being defined as whatever it is that you need, to maintain your security and stability during the climb.  And when Venus the Lady of Love, Romance and Luxury enters this mountainous terrain she is determined, businesslike and dedicated. She may ruffle a few feathers, and even seem egotistically to solidify her claim. Perhaps you'll think she is cold or lacks warmth, but look again, she is playing for keeps, safe and secure and she wants to hold on to you, all the way to the top...and that is what she offers.  Too Down to Earth for an Emotion that is supposed to take you higher? Venus in the Capricorn, will climb to the top of any mountain with you and be sure of every step along the way. Very dependable just as sure as the sun rises each morning you can count on Lady Love to answer the call with tradition and loyalty. The Leo Moon ushers in Venus in Capricorn on December 10, 2014 at 11:42 am on the East Coast ...so Channel your inner poet, writer, actor or actress. Stage Right, Stage Left, Step into the Center and into the spotlight. Put on your dancing shoes and find your voice. Express yourself. Your heart is skipping a few beats as the curtain opens. This fiery Leo moon opens Act I of Venus in Capricorn, and your Mountain Goat may be the very one who is waiting to hear those declarations of love as you tremble to steady yourself.  Your Love is Out there, He or She is "Dressed (figuratively speaking) for Business, in a Brooks Brother Suit" don't let that fool you, This love offers you safety, security and a rock solid foundation.


In Capricorn, Venus is more concerned with making it official and establishing something of lasting value.  Love is all business, serious business, when the Lady is in Capricorn. She makes contracts. She looks at the fine print. She is around until the 3rd of January, so the 2014-15  winter holidays will bring a few things that glisten. Sparkly rings that promise to 'have and to hold' will be tied up with a few of your favorite things. On bended knee, knights in shining armor promise to stand by their true loves, in good times and in bad. You know its solid. You share that everlasting bond, it is inescapable, it is the immovable object. *Rock Solid Love.* Venus here can be so business-like, that you might feel like she is taking all the fun and romance out it. She is looking for long-term commitment. She wants to make plans. There will be more than a few who "pop the question," tie the knot and change their Facebook status.  Venus, for her short sojourn, is under the jurisdiction of Saturn, so any *misbehaving* will be seriously frowned upon. Saturn demands loyalty. All infractions will meet with Karmic retribution. Faithful is one of the cornerstones of Venus in Capricorn along with honesty, loyalty and " living happily ever after." Love needs to be practical, down-to-earth and common sense savvy while Venus is in Capricorn. All your close relationships will get a dose of reality and a sprinkling of consistency. She is looking ahead, interested in the future: she wants no part in "Playing Games." There is no time for frivolous enterprise when Venus is in Capricorn. 


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